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Disabling the Daytime Running Lights (DRL) on an '06-09 Mitsubishi Eclipse
Please note that these instructions were originally posted on Club4G.org by "Shapdog." We have recreated the post here for the purpose of preservation. The original thread is posted here: http://club4g.org/board/electronics/658-how-disable-day-time-running-lights-drl.html

Pop out the ECU (Red).

Remove or bend the this connector so it does not establish a connection when you pop the ecu back in place. (I bent it so I could always bend it back to normal position). Follow the patter on the bottom of the ecu to make sure you bend the right connector.

I did this a few months ago. The DRL's are finally disabled. No thrown codes.. the only thing that also gets disabled I observed is when I unlock the car.. the turning signals dont flash. Not that important nonetheless

*For others who have done this... Let me know if when you unlock the car this happens... I'm curious if this is it or its from something else.