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How the search works:
The search button was engineered outside of our scope, but through hours of tinkering, we finally figured out how it works. And it uses some completely bass-ackwards logic to work properly.

Simple Search:
Type in whatever you're looking for in and pray it'll come up. Honestly if it does, I would be surprised if it comes up first. For whatever reason, search results are organized alphabetically.

Example: "06 tahoe low beams"
Results: Everything from 2000 Chevy Camaro to Westin bull bars for a Dodge Ram...

Advanced Search:
If you're actually trying to get close to finding something, you need to get archaic with the search box. For instance...

Example: "+06 +tahoe +low +beams"
Results: *BOOM* => Direct link to the low beam HID kit for an '06 Chevrolet Tahoe.

Now, we have no clue why it operates like this. But putting a plus sign before everything, narrows the results down massively. If you do not find something in the search button, odds are we just have categorized it yet. Feel free to email us though, we'll dig it up for you.